About Us:

Free Education Consultancy Services Worldwide to Study in the United Kingdom

Free Education Consultancy Services worldwide is one of the world's best online education consultancy services helps thousands of EU and international students to study in the United Kingdom. The services are distributed through two main web platforms which are WWW.FREE-CSW.COM as the information center and www.study-inUK.com as the application submission system.

The service of this website WWW.FREE-CSW.COM is a FREE service to  all users (Students, Learning providers, Education consultants or any person or organization) around the world. The effort of the project is to create a single place to provide reliable information to the students around the globe to study in the UK.

You can contribute to the project by linking YouTube videos to us. Your are free to get the advantage of linking your YouTube videos to this website. Eg: receive subscriptions or direct applications to your organization from viewers.

WWW.FREE-CSW.COM distributes information as videos, documentaries, text and images submitted by learning providers, students and education consultancy firms worldwide. Students can send their application to the learning provider in the UK through www.study-inuk.com

www.study-inUK.com charges small amount of application submission fee of £10 per application for students and no any other charges for them for the service provide by www.study-inuk.com

www.study-inUK.com  specializes in obtaining Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which is the key requirement for student visa in the UK.  We're committed to delivering an exceptional services, and we do so by engaging and empowering our students every step of the way.

Everyone can Watch Videos on WWW.FREE-CSW.COM. People can see first-hand accounts of current information  for visa, courses, course fees, students life style and discover. As more people capture special moments on video, WWW.FREE-CSW.COM is empowering students, learning providers and education consultants to become the broadcasters of tomorrow.

WWW.FREE-CSW.COM is not only a information website also has social network features, you can make friends, and your experience. WWW.FREE-CSW.COM also has built in rating system and comment system so that people can discuss on there interested, not only comment but also, people can rate Comments.

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